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Formerly a distant suburb of Chicago, Andersonville saw an influx of Swedish immigrants during the 1850s that came to live and work on the farms that covered much of the area. While many of these Swedes moved out of the area during the Depression and post-war periods, the Swedish influence in the neighborhood has remained strong throughout the years. Andersonville is home to the Swedish American Museum, the Swedish Bakery, a handful of other Swedish shops, and the Swedish-themed summer festival, Midsommarfest, all the while making the neighborhood one of the most concentrated areas of Swedish culture in the country.



Neighborhood Links


Andersonville Chamber of Commerce


Resources in Andersonville


Kindred Chicago Lakeshore

(773) 381-1222
6130 North Sheridan Road


Post Office


(773) 561-5210

4850 North Broadway




House 5863 Bed and Breakfast

(773) 944-5555

5863 North Glenwood Avenue



Peirce Elementary School

(773) 534-2440

1423 West Bryn Mawr Avenue


St. Gregory's High School
(773) 907-2100

1677 West Bryn Mawr


Sacred Heart Schools
(773) 262-4446

6250 North Sheridan Road


Lake Shore Schools
(773) 561-6707

5611 North Clark Street


Grocery Stores

Middle East Bakery and Grocery

(773) 561-2224

1512 West Foster Avenue



(773) 728-7730

5516 North Clark Street


Edgewater Produce

(773) 275-3800

5509 North Clark Street


Pars Persian Store

(773) 769-6635

5260 North Clark Street


Supermercado Almita

(773) 271-4340

5957 North Clark Street


Great Lake

(773) 334-9270

1477 West Balmoral Avenue



Cool Places to Eat


Sunshine Cafe

(773) 334-6214

5449 North Clark Street

Cuisine: Japanese


Lalibela Ethiopian Restaurant

(773) 944-0585

5631 North Ashland Avenue

Cuisine: Ethiopian, Vegetarian


Calo Ristorante

(773) 271-7725

5343 North Clark Street

Cuisine: Pizza, Italian



(773) 334-7168

1475 West Balmoral Avenue

Cuisine: American (New)


Big Jones

(773) 275-5725

5347 North Clark Street

Cuisine: Southern, Breakfast and Brunch


M Henry

(773) 561-1600

5707 North Clark Street

Cuisine: Breakfast and Brunch


Icosium Kafe

(773) 271-5233

5200 North Clark Street

Cuisine: Creperies, Turkish


Reza's Restaurant

(773) 561-1898

5255 North Clark Street

Cuisine: Middle Eastern