Archer Heights


Neighborhood Description


Horse-pulled trolleys were introduced to Archer Heights in the 1890s, and within the next few decades they were replaced by electric streetcars. These transportation advancements made the neighborhood easily accessible to and from other parts of the city, and because of this, the area's population started to steadily increase thanks to an influx of immigrant laborers from Western European countries.

During this period of growth, Archer Avenue, the diagonal street that cuts through the neighborhood and is responsible for the first half of it's name, developed into one of the city's major thoroughfares. Along with Pulaski Road, Archer Avenue became the area's primary artery that connected the neighborhood's residents to the nearby stockyards and the business district downtown.

The second part of the Archer Heights name came from a developer that was building a subdivision in the neighborhood. According to the developer, "Heights" was meant to impart a sense of prestige, even though the region sat no higher than any of the territory around it.


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History of Archer Heights


Archer Heights Library


Resources in Archer Heights


Resurrection Health Care

(773) 388-4796
3232 West 55th Street


Post Office


(773) 863-1402

4922 South Kedzie Avenue


(773) 523-2145

3124 West 47th Street


(773) 767-1917

5645 South Archer Avenue



Curie Metro High School

(773) 535-2100

4959 South Archer Avenue


Kelly High School
(773) 535-4905

4136 South California Avenue


Gunsaulus Elementary Scholastic Academy
(773) 535-7215

4420 South Sacramento Avenue


Columbia Explorers Elementary Academy
(773) 535-9270

5250 South Rockwell Street


Sawyer Elementary School
(773) 535-0400

5248 South Sawyer Avenue


Grocery Stores

Pete's Fresh Market

(773) 523-4600

4700 South Kedzie Avenue



(773) 284-7700

5320 South Pulaski Road


El Guero No 10

(773) 847-1600

4023 South Archer Avenue


Cool Places to Eat


Birrieria Zaragoza

(773) 523-3700

4852 South Pulaski Road

Cuisine: Mexican


Szalas Restaurant

(773) 582-0300

5214 South Archer Avenue

Cuisine: Polish


The New Pindo’s Restaurant

(773) 582-4955

4955 South Pulaski Road

Cuisine: American (Traditional)


Allstyle Buffet

(773) 927-6888

4305 South Pulaski Road

Cuisine: Buffet



(773) 585-8505

5136 South Archer Avenue

Cuisine: Pizza


Celina’s Delicatessen

(773) 582-5759

5089 South Archer Avenue

Cuisine: Deli


Chop Suey Express

(773) 735-3787

5200 South Pulaski Road

Cuisine: Chinese