Armour Square


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Home to the Second City's second baseball team (yes, I'm a Cubs fan), Comiskey Park* definitely stands out amongst the landscape when you are driving along the Dan Ryan or on any of the nearby streets. Because of this, and the fact that a (supposed) Major League Baseball team plays here, there is no doubt about what the most popular destination and best-known landmark in the Armour Square neighborhood is. The stadium's design and architecture has been blasted ever since it was built, but I have to admit that it has gotten nicer, at least to look at, over the years. I've been to my fair share of Sox games throughout my lifetime, and the one thing that has always stood out to me are the iconic "spinning wheels" atop the scoreboard. ("Old Comiskey" had nine of these wheels when it was demolished, "New Comiskey" only has seven.) Even though I am typically rooting against the Sox, I can admit that it is always a thrill when one of them hits a home run, the lights on the "wheels" spin, and fireworks shoot out from behind the scoreboard.

* I know its not called Comiskey Park anymore, but that is what I will always refer to it as.


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Resources in Armour Square


Mercy Hospital and Medical Center

(312) 567-2000
2525 South Michigan Avenue


Post Office


(312) 225-0218

2035 South State Street


(773) 247-0731

4101 South Halsted Street #1


(312) 326-6440

2345 South Wentworth Avenue #A


(773) 254-5234

4642 South Bishop Street



De La Salle Institute

(312) 842-7355

3434 South Michigan Avenue


Dunbar High School
(773) 534-9000

3000 South King Drive


Beasley Elementary Magnet Academic Center
(773) 535-1230

5255 South State Street


Vandercook College of Music
(312) 225-6288

3140 South Federal Street


Illinois Institute of Technology
(312) 567-3000

3300 South Federal Street


Grocery Stores

Chinatown Market

(312) 881-0068

2121 South Archer Avenue



(312) 842-0667

443 East 34th Street


Food 4 Less

(773) 376-0750

4620 South Damen Avenue


Farmer Best Market

(773) 584-6222

1422 West 47th Street


Hong Kong Market

(312) 842-9482

2425 South Wallace Street


Cool Places to Eat


Lao Sze Chuan

(312) 326-5040

2172 South Archer Avenue

Cuisine: Chinese


Bertucci’s Corner

(312) 225-2848

300 West 24th Street

Cuisine: Italian


Shui Wah

(312) 225-8811

2162 South Archer Avenue

Cuisine: Dim Sum


Connie’s Pizza

(312) 326-3443

2373 South Archer Avenue

Cuisine: Pizza


Tasty Place Bakery & Cafe

(312) 842-8802

2306 South Wentworth Avenue

Cuisine: Bakeries, Chinese



(312) 842-9200

234 West 31st Street

Cuisine: Sports Bars, American (Traditional)