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Bowmanville, a small neighborhood in the Lincoln Square community area, was first developed in 1850s by a local inn keeper named Jesse Bowman. Not one to follow the rules, Bowman "made the cart paths and forest near present-day Foster and Ravenswood Avenues his own," laying claim to many of the plots of land in the area without actually owning them. "He then sold the land -- that wasn't his -- to unwitting buyers," and disappeared before the new "owners" discovered that he did not actually own the land he had sold.

Bowmanville, with its streets linedwith single family homes, well-manicured lawns, community gardens and green space, is a predominantly residential neighborhood nowadays. Sandwiched between the more lively areas of Lincoln Square and Andersonville, this community "offers many of the advantages of larger neighborhoods without a lot of the headaches."



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Swedish Covenant Hospital
(773) 878-8200
5145 North California Avenue
Methodist Hospital of Chicago
(773) 271-9040
5025 North Paulina Street
Post Office
(773) 561-3330
2522 West Lawrence Avenue
(773) 489-2855
2339 North California Avenue
Amundsen High School
(773) 534-2320
5110 North Damen Avenue
Rogers Park Montessori School
(773) 271-1700
1800 West Balmoral Avenue
Chappell Elementary School
(773) 534-2390
2135 West Foster Avenue‎
St. Philip Lutheran School
(773) 561-9830
2500 West Bryn Mawr Avenue
Budlong Elementary School
(773) 534-2591
2701 West Foster Avenue
North Shore SDA Junior Academy
(773) 769-0733
5220 North California Avenue
North Park University
(800) 888-6728
3225 West Foster Avenue
Grocery Stores
Dominick's Finer Foods
(773) 769-2347
5233 North Lincoln Avenue
(773) 769-5320
5562 North Lincoln Avenue
Diala Grocery & Liquor
(773) 784-3199
1935 West Foster Avenue
Foster Food & Liquor Inc
(773) 506-1918
1900 West Foster Avenue
(773) 271-8223
5206 North Western Avenue
Cool Places to Eat
Dorado Restaurant
(773) 561-3780
2301 West Foster Avenue
Cuisine: Mexican
Max’s Italian Beef
(773) 989-8200
5754 North Western Avenue
Cuisine: Italian
Hub’s Restaurant
(773) 784-4228
5540 North Lincoln Avenue
Cuisine: American          
Da Rae Jung Restaurant
(773) 907-9155
5220 North Lincoln Avenue
Cuisine: Korean
Lincoln Korean Restaurant
(773) 784-5225
5501 North Lincoln Avenue
Cuisine: Korean
Hilltop Restaurant
(773) 989-9100
2800 West Foster Avenue
Cuisine: Greek
Taza Coffee & Deli
(773) 769-1999
5131 North Damen Avenue
Cuisine: American
Pueblito Viejo
(773) 784-9135
5429 North Lincoln Avenue
Cuisine: Mexican

Chicago Restaurant
(773) 728-3222
5100 North Western Avenue
Cuisine: American
Gin Goe Gae Restaurant
(773) 334-3894
5433 North Lincoln Avenue
Cuisine: Korean/ Chinese