Budlong Woods


Neighborhood Description

Founded in 1857 by Lyman and Joseph Budlong, the Budlong Pickle Farm and Factory was located just north and west of the intersection of Western and Foster. The business was one of the area's first major employers, and it quickly "became the primary supplier of pickles and pickled beets in the Chicago area." The Budlongs became millionaires by the end of the 1860s, and in 1880 they expanded their farm to include greenhouses in order to grow flowers year-round.

The area where the farm existed is now called Budlong Woods, and it is part of the larger Lincoln Square community area. The neighborhood "is now home to many ethnic groups, each of which has enriched the community's culture and expanded its identity to include customs and traditions from around the world," and it "continues to draw people from all walks of life."

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Resources in Budlong Woods

Swedish Covenant Hospital
(773) 878-8200
5145 North California Avenue
Methodist Hospital of Chicago
(773) 271-9040
5025 North Paulina Street
Post Office
(773) 561-3330
2522 West Lawrence Avenue
(773) 489-2855
2339 North California Avenue
Amundsen High School
(773) 534-2320
5110 North Damen Avenue
Rogers Park Montessori School
(773) 271-1700
1800 West Balmoral Avenue
Chappell Elementary School
(773) 534-2390
2135 West Foster Avenue‎
St. Philip Lutheran School
(773) 561-9830
2500 West Bryn Mawr Avenue
Budlong Elementary School
(773) 534-2591
2701 West Foster Avenue
North Shore SDA Junior Academy
(773) 769-0733
5220 North California Avenue
North Park University
(800) 888-6728
3225 West Foster Avenue
Grocery Stores
Dominick's Finer Foods
(773) 769-2347
5233 North Lincoln Avenue
(773) 769-5320
5562 North Lincoln Avenue
Diala Grocery & Liquor
(773) 784-3199
1935 West Foster Avenue
Foster Food & Liquor Inc
(773) 506-1918
1900 West Foster Avenue
(773) 271-8223
5206 North Western Avenue
Cool Places to Eat
Dorado Restaurant
(773) 561-3780
2301 West Foster Avenue
Cuisine: Mexican
Max’s  Italian Beef
(773) 989-8200
5754 North Western Avenue
Cuisine: Italian
Hub’s Restaurant
(773) 784-4228
5540 North Lincoln Avenue
Cuisine: American          
Da Rae Jung Restaurant
(773) 907-9155
5220 North Lincoln Avenue
Cuisine: Korean
Lincoln Korean Restaurant
(773) 784-5225
5501 North Lincoln Avenue
Cuisine: Korean
Hilltop Restaurant
(773) 989-9100
2800 West Foster Avenue
Cuisine: Greek
Taza Coffee & Deli
(773) 769-1999
5131 North Damen Avenue
Cuisine: American
Pueblito Viejo
(773) 784-9135
5429 North Lincoln Avenue
Cuisine: Mexican

Chicago Restaurant
(773) 728-3222
5100 North Western Avenue
Cuisine: American
Gin Goe Gae Restaurant
(773) 334-3894
5433 North Lincoln Avenue
Cuisine: Korean/ Chinese