Buena Park


Neighborhood Description

Buena Park Buena Park is a neighborhood bounded by Montrose Avenue, Irving Park Road, Graceland Cemetery and Lake Shore Drive. The core of the neighborhood is very suburban with driveways and spacious lots. It is in sharp contrast to the skyscrapers that populate the area around it. It can be accessed from the Sheridan stop on the CTA's Red Line. Buena Park enjoys one of the most active neighborhood organizations in the city of Chicago, Buena Park Neighbors (BPN). Founded in 1997, Buena Park Neighbors is a 46th Ward neighborhood association of more than 200 residents, businesses, and not-for-profit organizations in the nationally registered Buena Park Historic District. Today,many people assume that Buena Park is a "new name" given to this part of Uptown by developers trying to give the area a better name (like those trying to call Humboldt Park "West Bucktown"). In reality Robert A. Waller developed Buena Park starting in 1887 by subdividing his property. The original Waller home is now the site of St. Mary of the Lake church (built in 1917). Buena Park pre-dates the remainder of Uptown by a number of years. "The Delectable Ballad of the Waller Lot" by Chicago poet Eugene Field: Up yonder in Buena Park There is a famous spot, In legend and in history (Known as) the Waller lot.  iMove Chicago is your resource for Chicago apartments, lofts, condos and homes in Buena Park.

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Uptown Chamber of Commerce
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Resources in Buena Park
Weiss Memorial Hospital
(773) 564-6025
4646 North Marine Drive
Children’s Memorial Hospital
(773) 784-1831
900 West Wilson Avenue
Thorek Hospital & Medical Center
(773) 404-7692
4009 North Broadway
Post Office
(773) 561-1720
4850 North Broadway
Uptown Library
(312) 744-8400
929 West Buena Avenue
Disney Elementary Magnet School
(773) 534-5840
4140 North Marine Drive
Uplift Community High School
(773) 534-2875
900 West Wilson Avenue
Truman College
(773) 907-4000
1145 West Wilson Avenue
Goudy Elementary School
(773) 534-2480
5120 North Winthrop Avenue
Joan Arai Middle School
(773) 534-2610
900 West Wilson Avenue
Stewart Elementary School
(773) 534-2640
4525 North Kenmore Avenue
Brennemann Elementary School
(773) 534-5766
4251 North Clarendon Avenue
Lycee Francais
(773) 665-0066  
613 West Bittersweet Place
McCutcheon Elementary School
(773) 534-2680
4865 North Sheridan Road
St. Mary of the Lake School
(773) 281-0018
1026 West Buena Avenue
Grocery Stores
(773) 477-7151
4355 North Sheridan Road
Tai Nam Grocery
(773) 275-5666
4925 North Broadway
Middle Eastern Bakery & Grocery
(773) 561-2224
1512 West Foster Avenue
Broadway Supermarket
(773) 334-3838
4879 North Broadway
Shan’s Grocery & Restaurant
(773) 769-4961
5060 North Sheridan Road
Viet Hoa Plaza
(773) 334-1028
1051 West Argyle Street
Makola Supermarket
(773) 878-3958
1017 West Wilson Avenue
Hoa Grocery
(773) 275-1215
1101 West Argyle Street
(773) 275-5666
4500 North Broadway
Vinh Tho Grocery Store
(773) 275-2985
1112 West Argyle Street
Cool Places to Eat
Bale French Bakery
(773) 561-4424
5018 N Broadway
Cuisine: Vietnamese
Pho Xe Tank Restaurant
(773) 878-2253
4953 North Broadway
Cuisine: Vietnamese
Jin Ju Restaurant & Bar
(773) 334-6377
5203 North Clark Street
Cuisine: Korean
Hai Yen Restaurant
(773) 561-4077
Cuisine: Korean
Siam Noodle & Rice Restaurant
(773) 769-6694
4654 North Sheridan Road
Cuising: Thai
Demera Ethiopian Restaurant
(773) 334-8787
4801 North Broadway
Cuisine: Ethiopian
Green Mill
(773) 878-5552
4802 North Broadway
Cuisine: American
Crew Bar & Restaurant
(773) 784-2739
4804 North Broadway
Cuisine: American
Marigold Indian Restaurant
(773) 293-4653
4832 North Broadway
Cuisine: Indian
Thai Pastry Restaurant
(773) 784-5399
4925 North Broadway
Cuisine: Thai
(773) 728-5576
5020 North Sheridan Road
Cuisine: American
Furama Restaurant
(773) 271-1161
4936 North Broadway
Cuisine:  Chinese