Jefferson Park


Neighborhood Description

Throughout its history, Jefferson Park has been an important transportation hub for those headed into or out of Chicago. This, along with the fact that the area has been common entry point for new immigrants for over 100 years, has helped the neighborhood gain its reputation as being "the Gateway to Chicago." Farmers began to settle in the area in the 1830s, and the former Indian trails they used to travel to the city to sell their produce were soon turned into oft-traveled plank roads (now known as Milwaukee Avenue and Elston Avenue). These roads became such popular routes that "farmers traveling to and from the city often stopped to water their horses, pick up supplies, or rest" in the area, which was then called Jefferson Township. The population grew when railroads extended into the area in the late 1800s, and "by 1900, a web of street railway lines extended on Lawrence, Milwaukee, and Elston Avenues." With these new means of transportation came an influx of immigrants, the majority of them from Poland, Germany and other Eastern European countries.

"The development of Jefferson Park slowed through the mid-1950's because of a lack of modern transportation," but this soon changed when it was announced that the Northwest Expressway (now Kennedy Expressway) would be built, a portion of which would run through the neighborhood. The CTA constructed "a terminal in Jefferson Park that connected CTA and Regional Transit Authority bus routes, a Greyhound bus stop, a Chicago & North Western commuter railroad station, and an Elevated line," further solidifying the area's identity as a major transportation hub.

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Forest Glen Animal Hospital
(773) 283-2443
5324 North Elston Avenue
Swedish Covenant Hospital
(773) 878-8200
5145 North California Avenue
Post Office
US Post Office
(773) 736-1672
5401 West Lawrence Avenue
US Post Office
(773) 685-2280
4810 North Milwaukee Avenue
Prussing Elementary School
(773) 534-3460
4650 North Menard Avenue
Beaubien Elementary School
(773) 534-3500
5025 North Laramie Avenue
Palmer Elementary School
(773) 534-3704
5051 North Kenneth Avenue
St. Cornelius Elementary School
(773) 283-2192
5252 North Long Avenue
Farnsworth Elementary School
(773) 534-3535
5414 North Linder Avenue
Northwestern Business College
(773) 725-2731
4829 North Lipps Avenue
Our Lady of Victory School
(773) 283-2229
4434 North Laramie Avenue
St. Constance School
(773) 283-2311
5841 West Strong Street
St. Edward School
(773) 736-0252
4343 West Sunnyside Avenue
St. Robert Bellarmine School
(773) 725-5133
6036 West Eastwood Avenue
Grocery Stores
(773) 583-8080
4042 West Foster Avenue
(773) 777-1142
4729 North Central Avenue
El-Jeeb Grocery & Meats
(773) 539-1779
4805 North Pulaski Road
5001 North Pulaski Road‎
(773) 763-0144
6000 West Higgins Avenue
Convenient Food Mart
(773) 286-5277
5277 North Elston Avenue
Hebron Imports
(773) 202-0100
4142 West Lawrence Avenue
Newly Weds Foods
(773) 628-6900
4849 North Milwaukee Avenue
Royal General Merchandise
(773) 202-8448
4782 North Elston Avenue
Cool Places to Eat
Gale Street Inn Chicago
(773) 725-1300
4914 North Milwaukee Avenue
Cuisine: American
Ay Ay Picante : Peruvian Seafood Restaurant
(773) 427-4239
4569 North Elston Avenue
Cuisine: Peruvian/ Seafood
Blue Angel Restaurant
(773) 631-8700
5310 North Milwaukee Avenue
Cuisine: American
Cafe Marbella Restaurant Tapas
(773) 588-9922
5527 N. Milwaukee
Cuisine: AMerican
Mc Donald's‎
(773) 777-2327
4946 North Milwaukee Avenue
Cuisine: Fast Food
Teresa II Polish Restaurant
(773) 283-0184
4751 North Milwaukee Avenue
Cuisine: Polish
Smakosz Restaurant
(773) 205-1771
5619 West Lawrence Avenue
Cuisine: Polish
Andy's Deli‎
(773) 631-7301
5442 North Milwaukee Avenue
Cuisine: Delicatessen
Big Top Restaurant
(773) 631-6066
6348 West Higgins Avenue
Cuisine: American
Moy Lee Chinese Restaurant
(773) 631-1290
5346 North Milwaukee Avenue
Halinas Polish Delights
(773) 205-0256
5914 West Lawrence Avenue
Cuisine: Polish
Restaurant Burlgaria
(773) 282-0300
4724 West Lawrence Avenue
Cuisine: Bulgarian
Lido Banquets‎
(773) 763-1408
5504 North Milwaukee Avenue
Cuisine: American
Kildare Restaurant
(773) 777-7033
4300 West Lawrence Avenue
Cuisine: American
Mr V's Pizza
(773) 736-9434
5285 North Elston Avenue
Cuisine: Italian