Lincoln Park


Neighborhood Description

Lincoln Park is a neighborhood that is almost too hard to describe. It is one of the city's most popular neighborhoods, and not just for one reason alone. Whether it is the zoo, the conservatory, the night life, DePaul, it's access to the lake front, it's dining options, it's massive homes or any number of other features included in the community, everyone has something different to say when asked to describe what they think of when "Lincoln Park" is mentioned.

Personally, when I think of Lincoln Park, the zoo is the first thing that comes to mind. Lincoln Park Zoo, which first opened in 1868, is one of my favorite destinations in the city. Yes, it is always packed, but it is free, open every day, and it is an easy place to kill a few hours while wandering around, which I seem to end up doing more than a few times each year. Unlike most zoo visitors that flock to the lion and monkey houses, my favorite exhibit is the bird house. I have always had an interest in birds, and, since this house tends to be overlooked by most people, it is a relatively quiet, and typically empty, place away from the crowds.

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