West Ridge


Neighborhood Description

No, you won't find lions, tigers or bears here (anymore), but nestled into the northwest corner of West Ridge's Indian Boundary Park is the city's second zoo. This small zoo, which began with one American black bear in the early 1900s, is now mainly home to farm animals, such as goats, sheep, ducks, and chickens. This isn't the only thing that draws people to the park, though. The park's field house, a building that incorporates Native American and Tudor elements, is on the National Register of Historic Places, and the grounds feature a small lagoon, an impressive playground, and beautifully landscaped grounds. 

West Ridge isn't known only for it's park and small zoo. With commercial centers catering to Jews, Middle Easterners, Indians, Pakistanis and Koreans, and over 80 languages spoken by area residents, the neighborhood is also home to one of the city's most diverse populations. The most notable of these is the concentration of Indian culture. Devon Avenue is lined with dozens of authentic Indian dining and shopping options, and most people not from the area associate West Ridge with this strip of pavement, which is sometimes referred to as "Little India."

Neighborhood Links

West Ridge Chamber of Commerce
(773) 743-6022
2720 West Devon Avenue
History of West Ridge


Resources in West Ridge


Swedish Covenant Hospital
(773) 878-8200
5145 North California Avenue
Chicago, IL 60625-3687


Post Office

US Post Office
(773) 743-2650
1723 West Devon Avenue
Chicago, IL 60660-9998



Northtown Public Library
(312) 744-2292
6435 North California Avenue
Chicago, IL 60645-5208



Boone Elementary School
(773) 534-2160
6710 N. Washtenaw
Rogers Elementary
(773) 534-2125
7345 N. Washtenaw
Mather High School
(773) 534-2350
5835 North Lincoln Avenue
Decatur Classical Elementary School
(773) 534-2201
7030 North Sacramento Avenue
Jamieson Elementary School
(773) 534-2395
5650 North Mozart Street
Clinton Elementary School
(773) 534-2025
6110 North Fairfield Avenue
Stone Elementary Scholastic Academy
(773) 534-2045
6239 North Leavitt Street
St. Margaret Mary School
(773) 764-0641
7318 N. Oakley
IDA Crown Jewish Academy
(773) 973-1450
2828 W. Pratt
Bethesda Lutheran School
(773) 743-0800
6803 North Campbell Avenue


Grocery Stores

Patel Bros
(773) 764-1857‎
2610 West Devon Avenue
Indian Grocery & Imports
(773) 262-7777‎
2610 West Devon Avenue
World Fruit Market
(773) 508-0700‎
2434 West Devon Avenue
North Water Market
(773) 764-3557
2626 West Devon Avenue
Kol Tuv Kosher Foods
(773) 764-1800
2938 West Devon Avenue
Bismillah Grocery
(773) 761-1700‎
2742 West Devon Avenue
Madni Mart USA
(773) 761-4626‎
2440 West Devon Avenue
A & J Grocery
(773) 465-5181
6406 North Claremont Avenue
Kol Touhy Kosher
(773) 761-1800
2923 West Touhy Avenue

Cool Places to Eat

Udupi Palace Restaurant
(773) 338-2152
2453 West Devon Avenue
Cuisine: Indian
Arva Bhavan
(773) 274-5800
2508 West Devon Avenue
Cuisine: Middle Eastern
Katsu Japanese Restaurant
(773) 784-3383
2649 West Peterson
Cuisine: Japanese
Ghareeb Nawaz Restaurant
(773) 671-2727
2032 West Devon Avenue
Cuisine: Middle Eastern
Khan Barbeque Restaurant
(773) 274-8600
2401 West Devon Avenue
Cuisine: Middle Eastern
Tam Popo Japanese Restaurant
(773) 561-2277
5665 North Lincoln Avenue
Cuisine: Japanese
Gandhi  India Restaurant
(773) 761-8714
2601 West Devon Avenue
Cuisine: Indian
Tiffin, Inc.
(773) 338-2143
2536 West Devon Avenue
Cuisine: Indian
Solga Restaurant
(773) 728-0802
5828 North Lincoln Avenue
Cuisine: Korean
The Fish Keg
(773) 262-6603
2233 West Howard Street
Cuisine: Seafood
Sher Punjab Indian Restaurant
(773) 973-4000
2510 West Devon Avenue
Cuisine: Indian
(773) 743-0207
2734 West Peterson Avenue
Cuising: Fast Food