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The Great Chicago Fire in 1871 not only brought residential growth to Wicker Park, but it also influenced the architecture in the neighborhood. "Having witnessed the vulnerability of wood construction, many Wicker Park residents," mainly Germans and Scandinavians, "built large mansions made almost entirely of brick and stone," particularly around Hoyne and Pierce, which are just southwest of North and Damen.

The neighborhood, which has seen its share of its ups and downs over the last century, has reestablished itself as one of Chicago's most popular areas within the last few decades. With an abundance of independent shops, packed restaurants, art galleries, music venues and easy access to public transportation, Wicker Park's "property values have gone up, increasing the wealth of property owners and making the neighborhood attractive to real estate investors." With all of this going for it, it is easy to see why Wicker Park is one of Chicago's "hippest" areas.

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